Community Tours

Combine this option with any tour! Select your service option and route after checkout.

Spend at least 1.5 hrs of our day enjoying a beach cleanup, clearing invasive species, or working a local farm. You even get a discount for leaving a positive impact in Hawai`i. As we explore O`ahu we will stop and do a beach cleanup, or help remove invasive species, and more. Hawai`i is an amazing community, built on aloha, show your aloha and take home memories knowing you helped leave O`ahu better than you found it. You can turn almost any tour into a Community Service Tour and receive a discount for your kindness. Some service options are only offered on certain days but we can do a beach cleanup any day, weʻll bring the supplies!

Your Service Options

Your Beach Cleanup

This is the most flexible way to give back to your community. We can do a beach cleanup any day of the week at any of the beaches we already stop at. We will bring the supplies.

Your Farm Service

Contribute your time to a locally owned and operated small farm. Learn about working the land while helping a small business and having a blast helping the local community.

Your Invasive Removal

Remove invasive species from the land or the sea. Hawai`i has a one of a kind ecosystem, help care for it and enjoy yourself doing so. Certain time restrictions apply for specific cleanup events.

More Service Options Coming Soon…

We are currently looking for more opportunities to give our guests the chance to give back to the community. If you have any opportunities or suggestions please Contact Us and we will look into it.

Booking Your Community Tours

Choose from a variety of different service options to contribute to the this community
Receive a discount for your positive impact based on the length of your tour
This option can be combined with any tour route or length that we offer
Certain service opportunities only run on specific days and times
Some activities have no specific dates and can be done any time, like a beach cleanup
Different service options require guests to bring closed toed shoes, etc.
Contact us if you have a specific service you would like to contribute your time to that you don’t see


Your Half Day Tours(Save $100)

You will be amazed at how much you can see and do in a half of a day. Your Half Day Tours are great for Pearl Harbor and Mini Circle Island Tours. See the North Shore and have time in your day for more. Great way to combine with Extra Activities, we can even take you on a tour then drop you off at the activity of your choice.Spend 6 hours enjoying O`ahu with 1.5 hours contributing to Hawai`i starting at
$399 per group.

Your Full Day Tours(Save $200)

Spend the day enjoying all Oahu has to offer. Have fun for the entire day! Check out any tour we offer in a Full Day Tour, great for everything especially Circle Island, North Shore, and Combination Tours. We offer a wide range of stops including photo opportunities, lunch, shopping, swimming, hiking, historical points of and much more. 9 hour tours with 1.5 hours contributing to Hawai`i starting at
$449 for the whole group.

Your Long Day Tours(Save $300)

Our Long Day Tours let you keep the fun going from dusk until dawn. These tours are perfect for those who want to see as much as possible. Long Day Tours work great for Combinations and Extra Activities. Golf in the morning, tour the island, and then end your day at a Lū`au. However you want to combine your tour it will be 12 hours of fun filled activities and 1.5 hours contributing to Hawai`i starting at
$549 per group.

Personalized private tours at flat rate, per vehicle pricing for groups of 1-5 or 6-10