Adventures in Oahu: New for Summer 2022!

ladies adventures in Oahu

6 questions for adventures in Oahu during Summer 2022?

Is this your family’s first trip to Hawaii?

There are questions you might not know to ask. We go beyond Oahu tours and share local events, protocols, and insights.

Are you curious about free events and parades on Oahu?

Waikiki offers a variety of free activities for everyone. Weʻll share a couple of our favorite events returning in 2022.

Have you or your family been to this island before?

Return visitors may notice the most changes in the islands. Weʻve gathered a few of those in the article.

Whatʻs new for the Summer of 2022?

There are new procedures for many of the most popular adventures on Oahu. Weʻll share the biggest ones with you.

What else has changed in the last couple years?

Wow! So much has changed. It is impossible to put them all in one post. You may want to start from the beginning.

Curious whether anything is still the same?

Donʻt worry. Not everything is different. There is plenty you can rely on during your trip this Summer.

hiking adventures in Oahu
The Hawaiian Islands are incredibly special places.

Is this your first time on the island?

Are there events on Oahu this summer?

Pearl Harbor Hawaii Visit
Pearl Harbor has recently changed their mask policy.

What are the COVID restrictions like now?

Returning for more adventures in Oahu during Summer ʻ22?

paddleboard adventures in Oahu
Enjoy a relaxing paddle up the Anahulu Stream.

Weʻre also bringing back some classics.

Weʻve updated Your Private Tours of Hawaii for Summer ʻ22

family adventure in oahu
Your Private Tours of Oahu have the best adventures.

Over 300 five-star tours and adventures in Oahu!

Weʻre making our sustainability goals official with Travelife!

blue hawaii private tours
You may recognize these palm trees from the Elvis movie “Blue Hawaii.”

What is the Sustainable Tourism Certification?

New GPS Guided Audio Tours in beta testing!

self guided audio tour hawaii
We have partnered with VoiceMap and some of the best guides around.

Want to add an audio tour to your adventures in Oahu?

What hasnʻt changed?

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