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8 Questions for choosing a GPS Guide

While the concept of an audio tour is familiar to most travelers, much has changed throughout the years. If you have been to a museum or art gallery, you have certainly used them before. Even those double-decker bus tours often use a GPS guide. But if you have never used one, here are a few questions to ask before choosing.

What is a GPS guide and mobile audio tour?

Youʻve probably experienced one before, at a museum or National Park. They give you the headphones and handset. Itʻs like that, but on your phone.

Why use a mobile app and GPS guide?

Activities can start to add up. Audio tours offer an inexpensive way to explore on your own.

Where can Audio Tour Hawaii take you?

We are starting with three different routes for the GPS guide. Every tour has free scavenger hunts and quizzes.

How much is a self-guided audio tour?

Like everything else, it depends on the particular tour. But the operational costs are significantly less, so you save a lot.

Is it free to download the mobile application?

The VoiceMap travel app is free to download and easy to use. Just enter the code after downloading and set off.

Are there other GPS tours in Hawaii?

Several other audio guides are on the market, and many attractions like the Aviation Museum include them with admission.

But are you still supporting local?

That is a drawback of most mobile travel apps. However, with AT.Hi works with local guides and shares a good percentage of each tour.

How do you use AT.Hi, GyPSy, Shaka, or another GPS guide?

They are all relatively easy to use. The order may change, but choose the tour, download the app, enter the code, then have fun.

local gps guide tours
Enjoy the freedom of a self-led tour narrated by a local guide.

What is a GPS Guide or Mobile Tour?

beaches and hiking gps guide
Explore some of the best beaches and hiking trails with this GPS guide.

Where can Hawaii audio tours take you?

Brand new routes from Audio Tour Hawaii!

Waikiki Walking Tour (Part 1) and Historical Trail

Waikiki is full of visitors today but is also a favorite of Hawaiian Kings and Queens. We built a GPS guide to help expand on the free historic trail while giving you food, activity, souvenir recommendations, and much more.

We share the royal history of the area, as well as some of the Hawaiian place names. Malia narrates this tour, and she has been in the industry for longer than we are allowed to say. You will love her almost as much as we do by the end of the route.

Pearl Harbor Through Historical Honolulu GPS Driving Tour

Decided the best way to visit Pearl Harbor is on your own? No worries. That works really well for many people. So weʻve built a GPS guide from the Memorial through Downtown Honolulu, with stops at the Punchbowl Cemetery, Kamehameha Statue, and two scenic mountain lookouts.

You will learn about Hawaiian and American heroes throughout the day. Kapena is your local guide for this tour. He is an entertainer, a Veteran, born and raised in Hawaii, and he has been giving guided Pearl Harbor Tours for years.

South Shore Self Driving Beaches and Hiking GPS Guide

Ready for the fun part? Because this is it. Like all of our offerings, this South Shore Beaches and Hiking GPS guide is built on an accessible base, but you can add all the adventure you want! Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are along the route.

Not only are there hiking opportunities, but we end the day at the Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens. Your guide on this tour grew up along the route and has been giving tours for years. Uncle Eddie is a family man, grandfather, and avid surfer, heʻs also an incredible person!

How much are Hawaii GPS guide and audio tours?

self driving gps guide
Explore the island of Oahu with this self guided GPS guide from AT.Hi.

Are the GPS guide and mobile applications free?

What are other GPS guide tours available?

AT.Hi GPS Guide
Explore the island of Oahu with the AT.Hi GPS guide.

Are you still supporting locals with a GPS guide?

How do you use a mobile GPS guide?

VoiceMap Travel App
VoiceMap is a mobile travel application for storytellers worldwide.

We handle the routes, and VoiceMap built the app.

Use VoiceMap where ever you travel.

Hawaii Self Guided Tours
You will love exploring the island with Audio Tour Hawaii.

Stay tuned for more GPS guide routes…

Audio Tour Hawaii is not just for visitors.

Audio Tour Hawaii GPS Guide
Audio Tour Hawaii offers Oahu self-guided tours by GPS location.

Is a GPS guide better than a traditional tour of Hawaii?

Audio Tour Hawaii

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