DeliverWE.Org: The Journey Begins

Essential Delivery Service


“Hawai`i is a big house, and we all have chores.” — 

Waikiki Local Delivery Service
DeliverWE.Org will bring your essential shopping to you.

Stay safe, #stayhome, and help us save our businesses.

Yes, we are trying to save our businesses. These are things that we have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into over the years. Weʻve shared the stories of this special place, showing countless visitors unforgettable spots, and having a blast doing it. Who wouldnʻt want to keep doing that as a job?

But those days are over, at least for now #HawaiiisClosed. But this is about something more impactful.

Now is not the time for taking people from all over the world to our favorite beaches. It is certainly not the time to be galavanting around shopping malls and introducing guests to our favorite local spots.

Like the rest of the world, now is the time to stay safe and protect those who are more vulnerable.

So I repeat, yes, we have businesses to save.

But I also repeat this… now is about something more substantial.

Hawaii is an extraordinary place with a great community, and it is worth protecting.

So instead of just waiting for the planes to land again and inevitably rushing them back. With your help, we would like to do something different.


We want to be your friendly neighborhood go-to for your essential shopping needs. We have compiled a shortlist of stores where you can place a pickup order, and we will go get it up for you. Waikiki is one of those places where most people donʻt own a car, and essential shopping trips can be pretty daunting these days. Especially for those of us who are more vulnerable.

We also want to give back, not just save our businesses. That is why we have decided to give 50% OFF delivery fees to all kūpuna and First Responders. But more than that, we want to give back to the nurses and doctors working in the Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units. So they get FREE DeliverWE for the remainder of this service.

So help us save our businesses, and weʻll save you the trip to the store.

Thank you for letting us dip our paddle in.

DeliverWE Update 2021

Well, that didnʻt go as we expected. It quickly became apparent that this was going to be an uphill climb as a business. Fortunately, lockdowns didnʻt last too long and the community banded together. They supported their favorite small businesses and saved many of them. Unfortunately, not all of the island businesses were so lucky.

Thankfully, we have been. So far, at least. We quickly decided to focus on community service instead. We delivered free food around the island from the early days of the pandemic until the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies program ended with the start of 2021.

When we came up with the idea for DeliverWE, the PPP and EIDL were not active, and nobody knew what would happen. Thanks to these programs and a couple from the City and County, we were able to stay afloat.

During the Holiday Season, we tried to resume tours. However, it simply wasnʻt appropriate. In March 2021, we fired it back up on a limited basis. But when the next spike happened in August 2021, we immediately paused new reservations. We are currently taking reservations for November 2021 and beyond.

Waikiki DeliverWe Delivery Service

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