H3 Scenic Drive

H-3 Interstate Scenic Drive

Take a beautiful scenic drive through the Windward Mountains on the H-3 Interstate. Add this to any of Your Private Tours of Oahu, Hawaii, even a Half Day Circle Island Tour.

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Drive Through

There is no scenic lookout on the H3 Interstate but itʻs a beautiful drive.

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Depending on conditions add to any Your Private Tours of Oahu.

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Film Spot

You will recognize the view from Jurassic World and other films.

Your Private Tours of Oahu

Oahu is filled with beautiful scenery and special places. Moanalua Valley is both. Steeped in history and scenic beauty, a drive through here is unforgettable. When you pop out the tunnel on the windward side you can see from Kualoa to Olomana.

You can add a scenic drive through the H3 to any of Your Private Tours of Oahu, even a half day circle island tour. This is one of the best rainy day activities because you can see dozens of waterfalls from the road. You will recognize this view from several television shows and movies.

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There are so many great custom family activities for you to choose from. Plan your tour around food, shopping, or the best beaches. Pick from a variety of great options to customize Your Private Tours of Oahu, Hawaii.

More Scenic Lookouts

From the Pali Lookout to a scenic city drive, there are a variety of great activity options for Your Private Tours of Oahu. Kaneohe Bay is a also a great option in Windward Oahu and Halona Blow Hole on the South Shore.