Kaneohe Bay Scenic Lookout

Kāne’ohe Bay Scenic Lookout

The Kaneohe Bay has a great scenic lookout and is one of the many hidden gems around the island. The view from this little known spot is great for Your Private Tours.

Drive Through

Guests can enjoy a scenic drive during Your Private Tours.

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Photo Stop

Great opportunity for pictures at this Scenic Lookout.

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Film Spot

You will recognize Gilligans Island and other film spots.

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The Kaneohe Bay scenic lookout is an easy hidden gem to add during Your Private Tours of Oahu. Coconut Island is visible from the lookout, the island used in Gilliganʻs Island. Kualoa is visible across the bay and it is located at the bottom of the H3 scenic lookout and is close to many other attractions around the island on your hidden gems of Oahu tour.

Guests can simply drive by the lookouts and enjoy the view or stop for photos. You can even watch the sunset over the Koolau Mountains from the Kaneohe Bay scenic lookout. If youʻre going to eat lunch at Nicoʻs in Kailua, this is an easy on the way stop.

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More Scenic Lookouts

From the Pali Lookout to a scenic city drive, there are a variety of great activity options for Your Private Tours of Oahu. The H3 Scenic Drive is a also a great option in Windward Oahu and Halona Blow Hole on the South Shore.