Hawaii Private Island Tours: Weʻre Back (For Real)

hawaii private island tours

Hawaii Private Island Tours

Weʻre Back – (For Real)

hawaii private island tour sunrise

“‘Ulu o ka lā.”

The sun grows; very first light – Pukui

30 long and bizarre months in Oahu, Hawaii

hawaii private island tours vehicle
Sunrise at the Halona Blow Hole with Halia during a Hawaii private island tours.

March 2020 – October 2022

  • Shut Down: March 14th, 2020 last tour
  • Hawaii Closed: No visitors until 10/2020
  • Food Delivery: Free food for new families
  • Restrictions: Tightest in the Country
  • “Holidays” 2020: Brief reopening
  • Summer ʻ21: Reopened 50% capacity
  • Travel Pause: Governor asks for pause
  • “Holidays” 2021: Red Hill water crisis
  • Early 2022: Reopen 75% of operations
  • 100% Reopen: August 2022 full service

What did you do without any private island tours?

waikiki summer waves
Fortunately for us, in Hawaii, surfing is considered mental health.

Early days of the pandemic

With a unique history, Hawaii chose a different path

Pearl Harbor private island tours
Family visits the Battleship Missouri while they had the mask mandate in place.

Temporary COVID restrictions

On the other hand, the Community still couldnʻt visit loved ones in hospitals, go to school, or even have funerals. All things considered, we basically took just enough tours to survive until Spring 2022.

Lasting changes to Hawaii private island tours

Manoa Falls private tours
Add a hike to the waterfall in the back of Manoa Valley, we have the new permits.

Several law and permit changes

Still 100% custom and Hawaii private island tours

oahu private island tours
There is so much to do on Your Oahu Private Island Tours.

New website and more info

Over the last 30 months, we have put significant effort into renovating and enhancing this website. We have improved the user experience, look, speed, and accessibility. Not to brag, but we really like the new design and feel.

While we will continue to improve those things, we also want to provide you with as much information as possible. One of our goals is to be the most transparent Hawaii private island tour Company on the island.

Thatʻs not all that happened on Oahu recently

pearl harbor audio tour
Visit Downtown Honolulu and the Kamehameha Statue with Audio Tour Hawaii.

More positive developments in Hawaii for 2022

We made it through, thanks to the best guests ever!

Okay, we are not saying itʻs over or not. But weʻre obviously hoping that the worst of this entire situation is way behind us. We cannot express how important your support has been over the last two and a half years. There is no possible way to explain how much it meant. Whether you decided not to travel or specifically made a point to try and support a devastated industry, thank you. We appreciate the different perspectives and paths. Every reassuring comment, dollar spent, friend referred, or positive thought made a difference and mattered.

hawaii private tour guests
We have the absolute best guests of all time! Thank you so much.

Hawaii private island tours supporting small businesses

Finally a real 2022 holiday season in Hawaii!

Five Star Oahu Tours:

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Did you miss part of the Weʻre Back series about the pandemic?

Donʻt worry. Here are the links to the other 4 parts of this series about our recovery from the COVID pandemic in the Hawaiian Islands. The series starts just after easing the 14-day mandatory quarantine in October 2022.

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