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Whatʻs open on Oahu? We are! Well, kind of. We have patiently waited for the 14 Day Quarantine to do tours, and itʻs finally here. In addition, we wanted to wait for some more places to open and Hawaii to roll out itʻs Covid Testing program for visitors, so we ran DeliverWE in the meantime. That has also finally arrived. As more and more of some of the best family attractions re-open, we hope to be the tour company you decide to explore with around the island. However, no matter how you explore Honolulu and the surrounding areas, we want you to be informed. So make sure to check out this post for some great information and ideas for your trip to Hawaii.

This is the final piece of the three part Weʻre Back posts. Part 1: Hawaii Travel Update covered what the pandemic has been like on Oahu through October. After that, in Part 2: Hawaii Pandemic History we shared some historical insight to help give you some background info.  For Part 3, now with the rollout of the Pre-Travel Testing Program, weʻll share what you need to know for a visit. Then when youʻre ready to book with the best family tour company on Your Private Tours of Oahu check out our Covid Information Page.

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“Poho pono na pe’a heke a ku ana.”

A full sail helped him to arrive; Said of a fast traveler. – Pukui

Know before you go to Hawaii

Most people are aware of the 14-day travel quarantine rule for visitors in Hawaii if you donʻt have a negative Covid-19 Test. If you read Hawaii Pandemic History: Weʻre Back – Part 2, you know a little more about some of the sentiments. There are also several great resources for you to get more information. To avoid this quarantine, you must have tested negative within 72 hours of arrival. The test must be from a ʻTrusted Tested Partner.ʻ Some of the Airlines are doing testing as well. Although it is important to remember that things can change based on the islandʻs tiered recovery plan. That will also give you a good idea of what will be open on Oahu and when.

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Things to keep in mind

  • Covid-19 Pre-Test: From Trusted Partners
  • Post Testing: Some islands may require this
  • Positive Tests: Know the backup plans
  • Mask Wearing: Everywhere but the water
  • Local Requirements: Vary island by island
  • Check in Advance: Whatʻs open/closed
  • Be Flexible: For short notice changes
  • Support: Small local businesses
  • Be Respectful: Hawaii is a humble place

It is also essential to know what happens if you test positive for Covid. So far, Hawaii has offered a flight home or the quarantine. While it has gone smooth for the most part, there have been exceptions. As of now, there are no testing partners on the island, but that may change. However, Hawaii has Covid testing for visitors and locals in Waikiki at Straub Urgent Care. If you are traveling before the Summer of 2021 the good news is you can probably find some discounts, and it wonʻt be too busy. Please take the time to educate yourself about the culture in Hawaii before coming. We promise itʻs worth it. Of course, we recommend reading Part 1 and Part 2 to start.

What should you expect on the islands?

After you pass your covid testing for visitors, you can expect the always unique and memorable Hawaii, even more so once you begin to learn about it. In old Hawaii, during the Kapu System, areas would be closed off and allowed to rest. 2020 showed us why. We mentioned in Part 1 about the clarity improving in Hanauma Bay. Waikiki was also immediately cleaner and had more fish, including several small sharks roaming free. But in the same post, we also mentioned the devastation to the local economy. So far, 25% of our small businesses have closed.

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The ones who have been lucky enough to survive have made some changes. Youʻll notice masks are mandatory everywhere but the water. Temperature checks are standard, and you can find hand sanitizer easily. Disinfectants and social distancing are commonplace. We are reopening in tiers in Honolulu and the other islands as well.

Unfortunately, as a side effect of the situation, is fewer lei greetings and hugs. Some of you may remember how much more friendly Hawaii is than other places. That hasnʻt changed, but the way we show it has.

Whatʻs open on O’ahu?

Things change based on the tiers. However, we can give you a good idea of whatʻs open on Oahu and when. For instance, the best family tour company… us, are resuming tours in Mid-December! As long as we stay out of Tier 1, of course. We have to be in Tier 3 to visit beach parks and carry groups over five. Beaches are open to the public but have been closed during our lockdowns. Luckily, we could still swim in the ocean, just not lay on the beach. Most hikes are open, except Manoa and Diamond Head. Fortunately, Waimea Valley has been open almost the whole time.

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Pearl Harbor is open. Depending on the tier, the available attractions may change. But the Arizona Memorial shuttle boats are operating as of this writing. The Bowfin Submarine reopened the first week of November, and we expect the Missouri and Aviation Museum shortly.

Bishop Museum and Iolani Palace, located in the middle of Downtown Honolulu are a must-see. They would also really appreciate a visit right now. Plus, you can learn much more about Hawaii and have a great experience. Not only that, but they have some great souvenirs for you.

What should you do on vacation?

That depends on you. Support local small businesses. Believe it or not, many companies in the tourism industry arenʻt locally owned. A little extra research goes a long way. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions, even if it is just for suggestions. But there are some hints we can give you here about whatʻs open on Oahu now. These are the parts of the Honolulu Re-Opening Tiers that most affect visitors:

whats open on Oahu Tiers and Hawaii covid testing for visitors info

If you love to shop, youʻre covered. Our local shops canʻt wait to welcome you back. If you canʻt make it yet, they have also moved many products online and now offer to ship. Kualoa Ranch is open. The catamarans are sailing again. Shark tours, whale watches, and helicopter tours are all operating according to the tier system. Of course, the fantastic local restaurants have missed you dearly. But there is not a lot of nightlife and youʻll notice, no Luauʻs on the list so far.

And the best family tour company in Hawaii, Halia Tours and Transportation with Your Private Tours of Oahu, are coming back too! We can take you to Pearl Harbor, Botanical Gardens, Waikele Outlets, Halona Blow Hole, and much more. Make sure to check out the Covid Updates page for more options. All of our tours are 100% private and custom. Private Tours always were the best way to explore, but even more so now. Donʻt miss your chance to book and donʻt forget to “Spend Your Time Making Memories!

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