What is the best way to see Pearl Harbor on Oahu?

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What questions should I ask for the best Pearl Harbor tour?

Why are you visiting the Pearl Harbor National War Memorial?

People visit the Memorial for a variety of reasons. Some people come to Oahu specifically to visit Pearl Harbor. In that case, they want to see and do more.

Are you Military, or does your family have a tie to the Harbor?

If the answer is yes, you may want to reach out in advance. The National Park Service is incredible, and there are some additional perks for those in uniform.

Have you ever been to the island of Oahu or the Memorial before?

If you have, things have changed. They are constantly renovating, updating, and adding to the visitor experience. If not, make sure to check out the Pearl Harbor overview.

Are you a history buff or have kids studying World War 2?

There is something for everyone at Pearl Harbor. For those interested in history, make sure to spend some time looking at these hidden gems in Pearl Harbor.

How much time do you have on the island of Oahu?

Are you staying on a neighbor island? Maybe in from Australia or New Zealand and heading to the States? The Honolulu Airport near Pearl Harbor, and makes an easy trip.

Where are you staying while you are visiting Hawaii?

For those staying in Waikiki, a trip to Pearl Harbor is quick and straightforward. However, if you are staying somewhere else, it may be a little trickier.

Are there other places on the island you want to see as well as Pearl Harbor?

This island has so many great things to see and do! By the time you finish this post, you will know the best way to see Pearl Harbor for your specific family.

get Arizona Memorial tickets and tour Missouri
Pearl Harbor has recently changed their mask policy.

First priority: Get Arizona Memorial Tickets.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial overview

tour Pearl Harbor on your own
The view entering the Arizona Memorial during a trip to Pearl Harbor.

Visiting the Arizona Memorial

About the USS Arizona Battleship

Onboard the Battleship Missouri
Family visiting the Battleship Missouri on their last day on Oahu.

Experience the Mighty Missouri

Donʻt forget the Bowfin Submarine and Aviation Museum

Get Arizona Memorial Tickets
Donʻt forget to reserve your Arizona Memorial Tickets in advance.

Waikiki & Airport near Pearl Harbor

Should you tour Pearl Harbor on your own?

Visiting Pearl Harbor in your rental car?

Parking information and advice at the memorial

the best way to see Pearl Harbor
For the Military the Remembrance Barge Tour is the best way to visit Pearl Harbor.

What if you are Military?

History buffs and students will love it.

Get Arizona Memorial tickets
Family visiting the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Other tips and tricks for your visit

So what is the best way to see Pearl Harbor?

Planning your perfect Pearl Harbor tour.

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