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  • Free Waikiki Activities
    Waikiki has many free activities, hula shows, and stretches of beach. Make sure to read this post before visiting Oahu for vacation ideas. Learn about our favorite things to do, that wonʻt cost you any money. If youʻre bored in Waikiki, youʻre doing something wrong.
  • Family Activities Oahu: Top 10 Favorites
    We put together a list of our absolute favorite, top 10 family-friendly activities on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. So no matter how you choose to travel in the islands, this is an excellent list of Honolulu excursions to plan your itinerary.
  • How do you choose the best Hawaii Tours Packages and Companies?
    Everyone claims to have the best Hawaii tours packages or best Hawaii tour Companies. Read this when searching the top-rated tour companies.
  • What is the best way to see Pearl Harbor on Oahu?
    Here are some great answers to some common questions about the best way to see Pearl Harbor. From how to get Arizona Memorial tickets to tips if you tour Pearl Harbor on your own. There is also advice about getting there from all over the island, including the Honolulu International Airport near Pearl Harbor.

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There is all kinds of good information on the Things to Do on Oahu Blog. Regardless of whether you decide to travel with us, you will find helpful tips and tricks to help plan your trip to the islands. We have sorted each post into categories, with the most recent first. However, we are constantly updating them, so donʻt let the dates fool you. No matter what your style, we think youʻll enjoy reading.

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