GPS Driving Guide for Oahu

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GPS Driving Guide and Audio Tour for Oahu

Audio Tour Hawaii offers a variety of GPS-led driving guide and tours to help you explore some of the most famous places in Hawaii. They offer turn-by-turn directions, historic highlights, beaches, hiking, food, and shopping recommendations.

GPS Driving Guide and Audio Tours

Audio Tour Hawaii offers GPS-led driving guide and tours with great recommendations, engaging stories, and even free scavenger hunts and quizzes. Just purchase your tour, download the VoiceMap travel app, and enter the unique code you receive at checkout to begin exploring. The tours even work online, and you can customize each experience while exploring.

Every audio tour is narrated by a local tour guide. Perhaps just as important, each guide has a personal connection to the route or stories they share. They receive a generous percentage of every voucher purchased, so you still get to leave a positive impact on the Community.

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Introducing Audio Tour Hawaii or AT.Hi

We offer professional tours by professional guides delivered through your mobile phone. Self-guided excursions just got a whole lot better. Rent a car and explore on your own while getting turn-by-turn instructions and nearby recommendations. They are designed on a handicapped accessible route, but guests will have several options to add adventure along the tour.

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Redeeming audio tour vouchers

Redeeming Voucher Codes

Now exploring with Oahu audio tours is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, and explore! After purchasing your Audio Tour Hawaii, or AT.Hi, for short voucher codes, simply download the VoiceMap app and enter your tour code. It will take you straight to the tour you purchased.

  1. Install VoiceMap from App Store
  2. Create an account
  3. Select ʻTour Codesʻ then ʻEnter Codesʻ
  4. Enter code and select ʻDownload Nowʻ

Have questions? Feel free to reach out.

Not only is it easy, fun, and inexpensive, but AT.Hi is not just for visitors. We have local, military, and bulk discounts. Every tour has two free scavenger hunts, so you never have to worry about pulling your kids off their phones. With us, at least. There are Easy(ish) 10-question versions, which are perfect for kids. As well as Hard(er) 25-question quizzes for kids or even tour training. Making Audio Tour Hawaii or AT.Hi, for short, perfect for educational groups and even tour guide training.