1 Day in Honolulu: Touring Oahu

1 day Honolulu fun

1 Day in Honolulu: Touring Oahu

Spending 1 day in Honolulu and touring Oahu?

Oahu private touring
Always good to show old friends around again!

For those flying in for a day, layover, or on a cruise ship

Book an excursion or be self-guided touring Oahu?

Waikiki welcomes visitors
Hawaii is famous for many things, especially itʻs kindness.

What type of experience are you looking for?

If you donʻt want to spend your 1 day on Oahu driving, you may want to book a tour. Whether you drive on the other side of the road, are a history buff, or just like meeting new people, they can be great fun.

A group tour may be perfect if you are single or traveling with a small party and want to save money. The private Oahu touring options may be best for flexibility and freedom. You might even save money.

Oahu is known as the Sands of Kahuhihewa

Waikiki Historic Trail Marker
Learn the history of the area on the Waikiki Historic Trail.

There are several free ways to learn about Hawaii

Pearl Harbor National War Memorial

touring Oahu Battleship
The Battleship Missouri at Pearl Harbor National War Memorial.

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and Battleship Missouri

Are you worried about your kids having fun at Pearl Harbor? They will likely enjoy these two exhibits. The Battleship offers a guided tour, and you can explore below and above the main deck.

Variety of Historic and Honolulu Art Museums

Bishop Museum cultural exhibit
Image of the Rapa Nui exhibit at the Bishop Museum.

Visit Iolani Palace and the Bishop Museum

No other island offers so many types of adventures

Jurassic Park Adventures
Dinosaur hiding at Jurassic Park, otherwise known as Kualoa Ranch.

Everything is (relatively) close

You can get almost anywhere on the island within an hour and a half. So you can cover a lot touring Oahu on your 1 day in Honolulu. But donʻt forget to add about half an hour to whatever travel time your GPS gives you.

Of course, if you decide to go on a tour, that will be someone else’s problem. Oahu also offers plenty of free adventures, from mauka (uplands) to makai (the sea), so if you like hiking or swimming, this is the place.

1 day in Honolulu, from the mountains to the sea

While most people have beaches and waterfalls in mind, the hike up Diamond Head Crater is undoubtedly the most popular hike on Oahu. It takes under 2 hours and is generally considered easy. However, the stair section is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, and youʻʻll want to bring water and sunscreen. But there are several great places to cool down while exploring the island. One of our favorites is Manoa Valley.

Honolulu waterfall hike
Manoa Falls is located minutes from Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu.

Hiking and swimming on the island Oahu

Often called Waikiki Beach, itʻs actually named in honor of Prince Jonah Kuhio. Summer brings waves for surfing, and the winter typically has calm waters. Hanauma Bay is a short trip from the City if you hope to snorkel.

Shop until you drop on your day touring Oahu

private Oahu shopping tours
Shop until you drop on Your Private Oahu Circle Island Tours.

Should you go with a group or private tour of Oahu

You can turn any tour into a food tour!

best Oahu food tours
Sample local treats like macadamia nuts, coffee and more.

We obviously prefer private tours and excursions

Everything we do is 100% custom and private, so check out our different Oahu Tours. If you only have 1 day in Honolulu, you might as well make it count. Weʻd love to show you around this beautiful island.

Best part of Honolulu private touring? Making changes

Pearl Harbor rainbow
Enjoying a rainbow with a friend at Pearl Harbor.

If you go that route, we hope you ride with us

We take the gift of being able to share our home, as well as the responsibility that entails, to heart. For those who want to help with that mission, we also offer discounts for your kindness.

You can get a discount for Community contributions

plant native species
The Davis family enjoying another Private Community Service Tour.

Dedicate a stop to leave a positive impact

There are several options to work at a farm or fishpond. Those admissions are about the same as our discount, so you basically get a freebie. Perhaps our favorite of these is planting native trees at the Gunstock Ranch.

Thinking about more than one touring day on Oahu?

private touring Oahu
Everything we do is 100% Custom and Private.

Buy 2 excursions and get the 3rd 50% off!

Guests can choose from any route or activity we offer; there is so much to see. If you are booking other island excursions, itʻs also a great way to save on transportation. But be warned, thatʻs a lot of time for bad jokes.

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