Tour Information and Details

Details and Information

How it all works

Covid-19 Information

Tour Location Information

  • Beaches require a permit for stops longer than fifteen minutes.
    • No stops at any beaches on weekends or holidays.
  • Not all beaches allow Commercial Vehicles or offer permits.
  • Limit of an hour and a half at one beach with a guide.
  • Any swimming will depend on regulations and safety conditions.
  • No commercial operations are allowed in places like Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Laniakea, Lanikai Kailua and Waimanalo.
  • Some locations may require some third-party transportation like Hanauma Bay.
  • Many areas around Oahu have restrictions or bans on commercial operations.
  • Only medical bags allowed inside the Visitor Center.
  • The shuttle boat to the Arizona may be canceled at anytime by the US Navy.
  • Arizona Memorial tickets must be reserved in advance.
  • If guests do not have reserved tickets, the tour pickup will be 6am for stand by tickets which is not recommended.
    • If staying outside Waikiki the pickup time will be 5:30am.
    • Walk-up times have been discontinued by Pearl Harbor National Memorial.
  • Guests who want a specific ticket time Contact Us for information or visit

Water Activity Information

  • Swimming only available at certain locations based on safety conditions.
  • Guests must follow all instructions given by lifeguard.
  • Swimming may be canceled at anytime.
  • Different water sports have different ratios of guests vs. lifeguard.
  • Swimming is no more than 10 guests to 1 lifeguard.
  • Surfing is no more than 5 guests to 1 lifeguard.
  • Must be physically able to safely participate.
  • Equipment and lessons are all rented a la carte through a third party.
    • We can provide snorkels and masks.
  • No swimming within two miles of large shark sighting.
  • If dangerous sharks are sighted, we will exit the water.
  • Guests must disclose any health conditions in advance.
  • Only participate in activities for which you are physically able.
  • Bring any medication necessary for your day.
  • If at any time a guest is ill or injured, notify us immediately.
  • Guest ability will dictate available activities.
  • Please inform us of any limitations or accommodations in advance.
  • If there are any changes to abilities, please inform us immediately.

Local Weather Information

  • We do not cancel or refund due to everyday weather events.
    • However, we reserve the right to do so based on safety.
  • Rain, wind, big waves, flash floods, etc. are examples of typical weather.
  • Tours will not operate during Hurricanes or Tropical Storms.
    • Any service must end at least 4 hours before the scheduled arrival time.
  • We will reschedule or refund accordingly if we are unable to deliver the tour.
  • We will contact guests with final go or no go decision.
  • Earthquakes in Hawaii are unpredictable and will be assessed one by one.
  • Tsunami warnings will cancel all operations.
    • All services must end at least 4 hours before expected arrival.
    • If a tour has already begun, we will proceed with our Action Plan.
  • May reschedule or refund you as necessary.
  • Flash flood warnings may cancel any river or waterfall stops.
  • Sometimes advance warnings of event cancelations are not possible.
    • If other components are deemed safe, the rest of the tour will be delivered.
  • These are considered normal weather events.

Tour Service Info

  • All food and drinks may be purchased by guests a la carte.
  • No eating food or drinks without a lid in the van.
  • Must be 21 years of age or older to drink alcohol.
  • Guests may only drink on private property.

  • The age to smoke in Hawaii is 21 years old.
  • Must be 20 feet away from doors or roofs.
  • No smoking at parks, beaches, or on hiking trails.
  • Give wildlife space at all times. Certain animals have specific regulations.
  • Never touch or feed wild animals.
  • All vendors have policies specific to their location.
  • Activities are all priced a la carte and are primarily per person pricing.
  • Please avoid bringing any valuables on tour wherever possible.
  • We are not responsible for loss or damage to guest property.
  • Guests must cancel at least 72 hours before the tour.
  • We do not issue refunds for regular weather events or individual component cancellations.
  • Refunds processed in the manner they are received.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service without refund due to safety concerns or violations of our policies and agreements.
  • We also reserve the right to charge for any damage to our property or that of our partners
    • There is a $350 fee for excessive dirt, fluids, or anything that causes us to hire outside cleaning services.