Tour Information and Details

Details and Information

The best part of a private custom tour is the variety of options. Especially on the island of Oahu! We have posted some Company Policies, applicable laws, and more tour information so you know exactly what to expect.

How it all works

While we reserve the right to adjust as necessary, we have posted as much information as possible. This includes information and general guidelines about locations, water, weather, and more. We have also posted Frequently Asked Questions, Covid-19 Information, and our Liability Waiver.

Covid-19 Information

If you are traveling, or were planning to travel, between March 2020 and May 2021 you want to check out this page. As we all know, things change quickly these days. Because of Covid-19 there are many changes on the Hawaiian Islands.

Tour Location Information

While you can go almost anywhere on Your Private Tours of Oahu, there are some locations that have additional regulations. So if you are wanting to visit specific locations, checkout the tour information below.

  • Beaches require a permit for stops longer than fifteen minutes.
    • No stops longer than 15 minutes at any beach on weekends or holidays.
  • Not all beaches allow Commercial Vehicles or offer permits.
  • Limit of an hour and a half at one beach with guide.
  • Any swimming will depend on regulations and safety conditions.
  • No commercial operations are allowed in places like Kailua and Waimanalo.
  • Some locations may require some third-party transportation like Hanauma Bay.
  • Many locations around Oahu have restrictions or bans on commercial operations.
  • Only medical bags allowed inside the Visitor Center.
  • The shuttle boat to the Arizona may be canceled at anytime by the US Navy.
  • Arizona Memorial tickets must be reserved in advance.
  • If guests do not have reserved tickets, the tour pickup will be 6am for walk up tickets.
    • If staying outside Waikiki the pickup time will be 5:30am.
    • Walk-up times currently not being given by Pearl Harbor during Covid-19
  • Guests who want a specific ticket time Contact Us for information or visit

Water Activity Information

While we love the water, it does come with inherent risk. In order to deliver the tour of your dreams, we have posted water specific tour information.

  • Swimming only available at certain locations, based on safety conditions.
  • Guests must follow all instructions given by lifeguard.
  • Swimming may be canceled at anytime.
  • Different water sports have different ratios of guests vs. lifeguard.
  • Swimming is no more than 10 guests to 1 lifeguard.
  • Surfing is no more than 5 guests to 1 lifeguard.
  • Must be physically able to safely participate.
  • Equipment and lessons are all rented a la carte through a third party.
    • We can provide snorkels and masks.
  • No swimming within two miles of large shark sighting.
  • If sharks are sighted, we will exit the water.
  • Guests must disclose any health conditions in advance.
  • Only participate in activities you are healthy and fit for.
  • Bring any and all medication necessary for your day.
  • If at any time a guests is ill or injured notify us immediately.
  • Guest ability will dictate available activities.
  • Inform us of any limited abilities in advance.
  • If there are any changes to abilities, please inform us immediately.

Local Weather Information

Hawaii is famous for good weather. While it canʻt always be perfect, itʻs pretty close. However, we have posted details below so you know what to expect if itʻs not.

  • We do not cancel or refund due to normal weather events.
    • However, we reserve the right to do so based on safety.
  • Rain, wind, big waves, flash floods, etc. are examples of normal weather.
  • Tours will not operate during Hurricane or Tropical Storms.
    • Any service must end at least 4 hours prior of scheduled arrival time.
  • We will reschedule or refund accordingly if we are unable to deliver the tour.
  • We will contact guests with final go or no go decision.
  • Earthquakes in Hawaii are unpredictable and will be assessed one by one.
  • Tsunami warnings will cancel all operations.
    • All services must end at least 4 hours prior to expected arrival.
  • May reschedule or refund tour as necessary.
  • Flash flood warnings may cancel any river or waterfall stops.
  • Sometimes advance warnings of cancelations are not possible.
  • The rest of the tour will be delivered if safe.
  • This is considered a normal weather event.

Tour Service Info

Make sure to take a look at this general tour service information. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about Your Private Tours of Oahu.

  • All food and drinks may be purchased by guests a la carte.
  • No eating food or drinks without a lid in the van.
  • Must be 21 years of age or older to drink alcohol.
  • Guests may only drink on private property.

  • The age to smoke in Hawaii is 21 years old.
  • Must be 20 feet away from doors or roofs.
  • No smoking at parks, beaches, or on hiking trails.
  • Give wild life space at all times. Some wildlife have specific regulations.
    • Monk seals and turtles are among these species.
  • Never touch or feed wild animals.
  • All vendors have their own policies.
  • Activities are all priced a la carte, and are mostly per person pricing.
  • Please avoid bringing any valuables on tour wherever possible.
  • We are not responsible for loss, or damage to guest property.
  • Guests must cancel at least 72 hours prior to tour.
    • 95% Refund will be offered for all tours cancelled outside 72 hours.
    • Check Covid-19 Information if you are traveling prior to May 2021.
  • No refunds issued for normal weather events or individual component cancellation.
  • Refunds will be given in the manner theyʻre received.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service without refund due to safety concerns or violations of our policies and agreements.
  • In addition, we also reserve the right to charge for any damage to our property, or that of our partners.
    • There is a $350 fee for excessive dirt, fluids, or anything that causes us to hire outside cleaning services.