Halona Blow Hole on Oahu

Hālona Blow Hole, O’ahu

Visit the Halona Blow Hole during Your Private Tours and Mini Circle Island Tours on Oahu, Hawaii. You will recognize Eternity Cove from several features and love the view from this scenic lookout.

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Sunrise Spot

Watch the sunrise from the Halona Blow Hole scenic lookout.

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Photo Stop

Great opportunity for pictures during Your Private Tours.

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Film Spot

You will recognize the view in From Here to Eternity and other films.

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The Halona Blow Hole features a view that never disappoints. Beautiful views of Sandy Beach to the east and the beach in From Here to Eternity on the other side. You can see the island of Molokai across the channel and sometimes even Maui and Lanai. When there are waves, the Halona Blow Hole dazzles with spouts up to 30ft. Visit any any private tour and perfect for a Mini Circle Island Tour on the South Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

This is one of our favorite scenic lookouts to watch the sunrise from. Koa Pancake House has a restaurant nearby for breakfast and Frankyʻs Nursery is right around the corner for a mid morning snack if you want to sleep in. The Halona Blow Hole is also a great spot to see turtles on the South Shore.

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